Hustle for happiness

Walkin’ the talk… or how I ended up doing something I never thought I would

I actually had this post scheduled for a different day, but when I realized yesterday marked one full month of blogging, I knew I had to post it – keep reading to find out why.

Alright, I’m just going to put this out there – I’m really hard on myself. Yes, I can feel some of you rolling your eyes right now… and I can hear you thinking, tell me something I don’t know. I know. I know. It’s something I’m working on.

I put so much prep work into launching this blog and, even though the first post was about putting fear aside I was still scared to press the “publish” button and shout out to the world, “hey friends, I’m doing this!” But, I did it anyways. And I have been blown away by the response (a huge thank you to all of you).

Truthfully, I have also been a little inspired by myself – I am truly committed to facing my fears and have already gained so much from this experience.

Coinciding with the launch of this blog, there was a lot of talk in my life about something called the CrossFit Open.

CrossFit Open Swag

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Hustle for happiness

Hustle for Happiness: Get lost… on the road

Beautiful Ha Long Bay, Vietnam on a hazy afternoon.

Six years ago this month, I applied for my first passport. Ever.

Those who know me, might be surprised by this. But in March 2011, I had only travelled in Canada and the US (ahhhh remember the days when you didn’t need a passport to cross the border?). I had never taken an international flight or been outside of North America. Travelling used to feel so unattainable to me.

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Gratitude hustle

Gratitude hustle vol. 4

I don’t care how cliché this makes me sound, who is ready for Spring? 🙋🏼 Saaaaaaaame. Since this is supposed to be a space where I reflect on what I’m grateful for, I’m not going to go on about how I’m so over leaving the house wrapped in multiple layers, all the wool, plodding through the snow and not feeling my face on my way into work – nope, won’t do it (okay, okay just a little bit – when will this winter eeeeend?!). Bright side – it’s going up to +4 today! Here’s what else I’m grateful for this week:


These Canadian beauties have been brightening up our space all week long.

As the hubs and I were strolling through our neighbourhood, we came across a little flower shop selling Tulips – a surefire sign that Spring is coming! Watching these little guys blooming all week long and seeing actual sunshine has definitely helped lift my spirits this week. I’ve also been aggressively excited every time the sun has come out – I think I’m still reeling from the darkest January ever.

Ed Sheeran covers 50 Cent and Blackstreet

Admittedly, I cannot name a single Ed Sheeran song. But I have a not so secret love for acoustic covers of rap songs and watching this guy croon “In da Club” and “No Diggity” (with some serious vocal skills) made my day.

On that note, Spotify has an “Acoustic Covers” playlist and it is👌🏻. Check that out here.

7 Bad Habits and What They Say About You

This hilarious article from Man Repelller will make you feel great about being a lazy, dramatic, procrastinator! When I read this, I did the always cool, laughing at my phone on a packed rush hour street car. Enjoy!

This adorable video of two kids rocking karate

This might be the cutest thing I’ve seen all week. Personally, I think the “bouncing” technique looks a little exhausting, but these little nuggets clearly know more about karate than I do (anybody else read “karate” a la Ross Geller – “ka-ra-te”?).

What are you grateful for this week? Let me know in the comments below! 👇🏻

Career hustle

Squad, assemble!

(skwäd/ɡōl) (noun) (plural noun: squad goals): an inspirational term for what you’d like your group of friends to be or accomplish. Used best when placed at the end of a directional statement.


While I’m sure many of us would love to be part of the seemingly perfect posse of girl power excellence T-Swift has assembled, I think assembling your own squad is so important. And I don’t just mean your BFFs.

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Career hustle

#Hustle Challenge: LinkedIn

Mac book pro with a notebook and pen

There are SO many ways to brand ourselves online, but when it comes to putting our best professional self forward LinkedIn really has become the winner 🏆.

It’s such a simple and effective tool for connecting with people, finding interesting jobs and showing off your amazing skills. But you know that feeling of dread you get when you need to update your resume? And yet after you’ve updated it you feel like a professional rock star, ready to take on all of your career goals?

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Gratitude hustle

Gratitude #hustle vol. 3

This week I learned that answering a question with, “no, I haven’t been sick AT ALL this winter” means you’re definitely going to get sick. And I did – I spent the first half of this week lying on the couch wondering, how the heck did we entertain ourselves when we were sick as kids without Netflix? I also averaged about 10 hours of sleep a night this week (making it pretty hard to blog – I know I’ve been inconsistent in my postings this week, I promise next week will be better!)

Along with Rip Van Winke’ing and Netflix 🙏🏻 here’s what else I’m grateful for this week:

The dream team

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Hustle for happiness

Who run the world? #IWD

Stopping by to wish you a Happy International Women’s Day!

Unfortunately, I’ve finally succumbed to the cold that’s been floating around, which is why this post is coming so late in the day, but I couldn’t let March 8th go by unnoticed.

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Gratitude hustle

Gratitude #hustle vol. 2

Whew, what a week! Just like the weather, this week was a total rollercoaster ride (while I was definitely torn about the warm temperatures because, climate change, can’t lie, I was SO enjoying them). It felt like something would go right just to have three other things go wrong *sigh* But there were some really sunny moments in a week peppered with grey skies. This is what I’m feeling grateful for this week:

Adding a little more glitter into your life is always a good idea.

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