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July 2019

Hustle for happiness, Mother hustle

Eli’s birth story part one – how it all began

The best laid plans.

This was the refrain Paul and I kept coming back to as we navigated the moments leading up to the birth of our son. The events of the day were already shaping us as parents and putting into practice what we knew would be required on this journey – an understanding that we can plan and prepare, but ultimately, this new adventure would require us to be flexible.

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Hustle for happiness

Allow me to [re]introduce myself

It occurred to me as I was re-imaging this space that when I started this blog I never really took the time to introduce myself.

So hello! I’m Belinda, but you can call me Bee (most people do). I’m breaking this down into three things you should know about me and some fun facts – so keep reading to find out what I’m passionate about, inspired by and the things that I crave.

3 things you should know about me

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