About Hustle for Happiness

These days lives are hella chaotic, connected and let’s be honest – a little bit crazy. It’s easy to feel lost in your to-do list and forget to take a beat think about your goals or notice the little things that make your day a bit brighter or more meaningful (I mean, none of that is scheduled). So I wanted to create a little corner of the internet where we can come together to learn from each other and celebrate the moments, ideas and actions that allow us to get our #hustleforhappiness on, whether it’s soaking in the sights and sounds of a new country (#travelhustle), or you know rocking a five minute face mask during naps (#gratitudehustle), or finally figuring out what the heck a nose frida is (#motherhustle), all with a healthy dose of #realtalk.

So put on your sweatpants, pour yourself a drink (Chardonnay? Kombucha? Ginger ale? No judgements here!) and let’s talk.

Meet Bee

Hi! I’m Belinda, but you can call me Bee.

I am a storyteller and enthusiastic sharer of information (seriously, my most common phrase is “did you hear/see/read this?” followed by an excited retelling of said thing). This has led me to a career in communications where I’ve done everything from speech writing, communications planning and social media to issues management, media relations and events management.

A few quick things about me:

  • I love to laugh – full bellied, thigh slapping, face all screwed up laughter. Nobody can quite make me laugh like my husband (awww)
  • I have run three four half marathons, completing three – you can read more about my running journey here!
  • I cannot walk past a dog without stopping and trying to make it my friend
  • I am hard of hearing (so if you holler at me and I don’t turn around, don’t take it personally, I didn’t hear you)
  • I kind of adore Crossfit
  • I am currently navigating the new world of motherhood after welcoming a little babe in January 2019!