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…Is this thing still on?

Hello? Oh haaaaiiii šŸ‘‹šŸ» just going to dust this off and we’re ready to go!

Jokes aside, it’s nice to be back after a brief (albeit, unintended) hiatus. I had a feeling a quick break may come around the convergence of a few major work projects, but I had plans to make up for that. Such plans… Then life forced my hand a little bit (pun intended – keep reading for the punchline).

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Hustle for happiness

Gratitude #hustle vol. 11: we’re back!

As I mentioned earlier this week, the last few weeks have been hectic in all aspects of my life. But they have also delivered up some truly beautiful moments. I received some great feedback on Wednesday’s post and want you to know that I really appreciate your continued support! You guys are. the. beeesssssst. Thank youĀ šŸ™ŒšŸ»

This got a little derailed (lolz at June amiright?) but it did have it’s moments. From patio visits to videos that bring the feels, here’s what I’ve been grateful for lately:

Kickin’ it old school…

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Hustle for happiness

You do you

Because sometimes we need to quick little break and unplug. I Recommend hangs with your people a visit to your happy place – you just never know when and where inspiration might strike.

Oh haiiii. How are you? ItĀ seems like we’ve only been meeting sporadically – probably because we have.

Raise your hand if May went by in a blur of deadlines, hustling and trying to take care of all the thingsĀ šŸ™‹šŸ¼Ā I hear you. Last weekĀ I was feeling particularly overwhelmed by my to-do list. Then I quickly realized I’m not the only one.Ā It seems like this time of year is always a little hectic. Perhaps it’s because everyone is hustling in all things to get ready for summertime when “the livings easy.” Whatever the reason, over the past few weeks this little space began feeling moreĀ like an obligation than something I look forward to building.

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Career hustle

Career #hustle: clothing edition

As an influx of interns and new employees flood the halls at work, I’ve been reflecting on when I started myĀ own foray into the full-time, salaried, real-world lifeĀ of workingĀ and #adulting. It’s been a long time (ahem) a few years since IĀ first panicked about what to wear to an interview and how to look for an apartment in Toronto and thankfully I’ve learned a few things a lotĀ since then, thanks to a combination of experience, mentors and wise friends. So in honour of graduation/intern/new job season I’ll be bringingĀ sharing some of those lessons over the next few weeks.Ā Now, since I have an arsenal of brilliant friends and readers, if there’sĀ something you want to share on one of these topics throw it in theĀ comments below! Continue Reading


Bright lights in the City: Osaka Edition

One thing I love about traveling isĀ that inevitablyĀ something will take me by surprise. Whether it’s a city, new food, or the ability to stretch outĀ in a park with a book in one hand and cider in theĀ other as the hours melt away, each trip is punctuated byĀ places and moments that astonish me in the most delightful ways. While we were in Japan that was delivered by our days in and aroundĀ Osaka. Continue Reading

Career hustle, Hustle for happiness


Last week we talked about the ripple effect one small, positive chance can have on your life (missed that post? Check it out here). Even when great things come our way, sometimes we can get into a bit of a funk. I’m not sure if it was allĀ of the rain we’d been having, the slow thaw of Spring or the fact that apparently Mercury was in retrograde (??? who else has a coworker that tracks this? šŸ™‹šŸ¼) but the last few weeks there were daysĀ when it felt like the whole city was in a bit of a funk. Thankfully I have a few standby’s that I like to keep on hand for those mid-day slumps when you just can’t even: Continue Reading

Gratitude hustle, Hustle for happiness

Gratitude #hustle vol. 9

These signs of Spring around Toronto are reminding me of all the Cherry Blossoms šŸ“ø from Japan.

Trying something new with a Saturday post – I hope you’re reading this withĀ a coffee in hand, ready to take it easy.

In the words of the man who writes the songs, “looks like we made it!” No? You guys, I’m talking about Barry Manilow. Seriously…Ā love him… blame years of dance. I’m pretty sure I’veĀ seen a dance routine in every style done to Copacabana.

Anyyyyyyways…. looking back on this week one word really comes to mind: laughter.Ā  Continue Reading

Hustle for happiness

The Ripple Effect

How many times have you openedĀ your computer only to find five different tabs open with article headlines like,Ā “Five Simple Ways to Get What You Want” or “Do These Two Moves and Eat These Three Things to Look Like [insert celebrity here]”?

It’s okay, this is a safe space. It happens. Plus I’m fairly certain I’ve never notĀ opened an article that says “Here’s What Happened When I did X or cut out Y for 30 days” (I mean, I mustĀ know what happened!).Ā I think what I love about those 30 day articles is seeing the impact that one simple action can make.

During a recent conversation with my fabulousĀ professional development girl squadĀ I begun toĀ reflect on how easy it is to get stuck in an unending list of things you “need” to do and “want” to do, while never making the time to actually do them. Take a class. Get a new job. Go to the gym. Call your family more. The list goes on and on and on. Over time inertia takes hold and it becomes easier to not do anything than to try and tackle the things you desperately want to do, when you also have never ending list of things you need to do.

This is exactly where I was last summer.

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