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Gratitude hustle

Gratitude hustle

Gratitude #hustle vol. 12

Embracing every second of summer, ☀️ rainy days included ☔️

Woo still getting back into the swing of things around here, but so stoked to be back with this week’s gratitude #hustle. Let’s just dive right in shall we? Continue Reading

Gratitude hustle, Hustle for happiness

Gratitude #hustle vol. 9

These signs of Spring around Toronto are reminding me of all the Cherry Blossoms 📸 from Japan.

Trying something new with a Saturday post – I hope you’re reading this with a coffee in hand, ready to take it easy.

In the words of the man who writes the songs, “looks like we made it!” No? You guys, I’m talking about Barry Manilow. Seriously… love him… blame years of dance. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a dance routine in every style done to Copacabana.

Anyyyyyyways…. looking back on this week one word really comes to mind: laughter.  Continue Reading

Gratitude hustle

Gratitude #hustle vol. 8

A beautiful view last night after the rain

I had one of those days earlier this week where it felt like everything was off – my commute, my colleagues, and simple work things that I usually breeze right through with ease (thanks, I’m sure to some IT updates). I thought to myself, “well at least tomorrow is Thursday and I have x, y and z to look forward to at the end of the week.” Then I realized, it was only Tuesday morning 🙄 (and I’ve been one day ahead ALL week – I went to watch the Raps game last night and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t on hahaha).

But then the winds changed Continue Reading

Gratitude hustle

Gratitude #hustle vol. 6

Oh this week. It will forever go down as a ridiculous comedy of errors. You know it’s been a week when yet another issue comes up and your colleague’s only response is, “of course”.

Unfortunately, between work and life this week I haven’t had a chance to turn my full attention to this space.

But for all that went wrong this week, there were some really wonderful highlights – here’s what I’m grateful for this week:


Blue and green Gregory backpack

Excited to use one of my favourite bags again soon!

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Gratitude hustle

Gratitude #hustle vol. 5

I had some fantastic opportunities this week to try new things, meet some awesome new people and reminisce with some of my favourites. I’m excited to carry this energy into the weekend as I work on some projects for the blog, finish my first CrossFit Open (read about that here), and celebrate friends. On top of these wonderful weekend plans, here’s what I’m grateful for this week:

The view from the road on Paul and I’s first road trip together (Sea to Sky Highway, BC)

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Gratitude hustle

Gratitude hustle vol. 4

I don’t care how cliché this makes me sound, who is ready for Spring? 🙋🏼 Saaaaaaaame. Since this is supposed to be a space where I reflect on what I’m grateful for, I’m not going to go on about how I’m so over leaving the house wrapped in multiple layers, all the wool, plodding through the snow and not feeling my face on my way into work – nope, won’t do it (okay, okay just a little bit – when will this winter eeeeend?!). Bright side – it’s going up to +4 today! Here’s what else I’m grateful for this week:


These Canadian beauties have been brightening up our space all week long.

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Gratitude hustle

Gratitude #hustle vol. 3

This week I learned that answering a question with, “no, I haven’t been sick AT ALL this winter” means you’re definitely going to get sick. And I did – I spent the first half of this week lying on the couch wondering, how the heck did we entertain ourselves when we were sick as kids without Netflix? I also averaged about 10 hours of sleep a night this week (making it pretty hard to blog – I know I’ve been inconsistent in my postings this week, I promise next week will be better!)

Along with Rip Van Winke’ing and Netflix 🙏🏻 here’s what else I’m grateful for this week:

The dream team

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Gratitude hustle

Gratitude #hustle vol. 2

Whew, what a week! Just like the weather, this week was a total rollercoaster ride (while I was definitely torn about the warm temperatures because, climate change, can’t lie, I was SO enjoying them). It felt like something would go right just to have three other things go wrong *sigh* But there were some really sunny moments in a week peppered with grey skies. This is what I’m feeling grateful for this week:

Adding a little more glitter into your life is always a good idea.

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