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Gratitude hustle

Gratitude hustle

Gratitude #hustle vol. 3

This week I learned that answering a question with, “no, I haven’t been sick AT ALL this winter” means you’re definitely going to get sick. And I did – I spent the first half of this week lying on the couch wondering, how the heck did we entertain ourselves when we were sick as kids without Netflix? I also averaged about 10 hours of sleep a night this week (making it pretty hard to blog – I know I’ve been inconsistent in my postings this week, I promise next week will be better!)

Along with Rip Van Winke’ing and Netflix 🙏🏻 here’s what else I’m grateful for this week:

The dream team

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Gratitude hustle

Gratitude #hustle vol. 2

Whew, what a week! Just like the weather, this week was a total rollercoaster ride (while I was definitely torn about the warm temperatures because, climate change, can’t lie, I was SO enjoying them). It felt like something would go right just to have three other things go wrong *sigh* But there were some really sunny moments in a week peppered with grey skies. This is what I’m feeling grateful for this week:

Adding a little more glitter into your life is always a good idea.

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Gratitude hustle, Hustle for happiness

Gratitude #hustle: the first edition

Do you ever have those weeks when no matter how hard you try to stay upbeat and positive, negativity has a way of seeping into every nook and cranny of your life? It is soooo easy to spiral when it feels like every time you’re coming up for air life crashes another wave right on top of you.

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