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Hi cutie 👋🏻

I. Have. Missed. You!!!! But my unintended hiatus is OVER 🙌🏻 and it feels. so. good.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to show up with no explanation for my absence and just assume you’re going to accept it. So grab a coffee, tuck yourself into your favourite nook, pull a blanket over those toes and let’s do this mmmmkay? We have so much to catch up on.

Since my last post just a few major life events have occurred:

  • I turned 30 (well,I feel like that counts as a major life event)
  • We sold our house
  • We bought a new house
  • I changed jobs
  • Paul graduated from his eMBA
  • My brother got married
  • I ran a half marathon
  • We moved

Needless to say it has been an exhilarating, dizzying and oh so wonderful few months. It also left me feeling totally tapped – I would sit down ready to post about all of the things and draw a complete blank. Or struggle with putting together a single sentence in under 15 minutes. Nothing sounded right. So I gave myself permission to step back and bask in on all of the beautiful things life was throwing my way.

I genuinely wasn’t sure if I’d come back to this space, but as the dust began to settle I found myself missing it. At first it started with small ideas flickering across my mind every now and then. But I didn’t fully connect with how much I missed this little space until I was talking to someone about why I created it in the first place. Slowly, without realizing it, those small flickers turned into a roaring fire I could no longer ignore.

But, I still had the daunting task of moving in front of me (🙄 adulting amirite?). But it’s now been almost two weeks since the moving truck pulled away and the contents of my life are slowly starting to spill out of their brown labeled boxes and find their own place in the world. I have a list of blog posts that’s getting longer, not shorter, and I am ready to do this. I also have a little project brewing that I’m excited to share with you soon (so many delicious updates to come)!

Eager to hear more about some of those ch-ch-changes listed above? Easy tiger – I’ve got you covered. I’ll be bringing some updates your way and trying out something new. I’m going to include an “in short” paragraph that gives you a quick hit of what each post is about, because sometimes, despite our best intentions, our TTC stop arrives and we realize we’ve spent our 40 minute commute playing Tetris (or in my case, Two Dots🙈) instead of catching up on the things we want to read (let’s be real, we’ve all been there).

But I want to hear from you too! If there are posts you’ve been itching to read here, or topics you want someone else to research [see tetris struggles above] hit. me. up. in the comments below 👇🏻 or by email, heck even an Instagram message. You people are my people and I want to hear it all!

In short: I had a whole lotta life come at me in a short period of time (peep the list above), but I’m back baby doll [read: more posts, coming to a computer screen near you!]

Now let’s get our #hustleforhappiness on!

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