Hustle for happiness

Embracing the slow and a new kind of #hustle

Well it has certainly been a minute hasn’t it? It’s been a whirlwind of life around here too, which caused this space to take a bit of a backseat. 2018 was a year of learning and growing for me, both figuratively and literally – because I spent the majority of the year growing a human!

In January Paul and I embarked on our craziest adventure yet, welcoming a little boy into our lives and our worlds have forever changed. Between the diaper changes, reading everything under the sun about newborn sleep and filling up my browser history with the most hilarious google searches ever (like “is green poop normal” and “how to use a snot sucker”), I’ve been craving creating. It’s a pretty wild ride we’re on and in times of change I always do my best processing through writing. It brings me joy and even helps me confront some not so pleasant, but oh so necessary truths.

Last spring I had actually started to re-work the focus of this blog… and then I got pregnant. My nights in front of the computer were quickly replaced with laying on the couch guzzling ginger ale and napping between saltines. My little project had to take a backseat so my body could breathe and grow (making a person is hard work!). But I’ve been missing it and I’m so grateful to be back.

But as our lives have changed so has my idea around the “hustle”. When I started this blog I felt so connected to this notion – I was hustling hard in all aspects of my life. However, over the past year that “hustle” has started to shift and evolve for me. It’s been less about hurriedly trying to get that picture perfect Instagram life (#jelly) and more about embracing the slow and finding happiness in those moments. One of the biggest gifts I’ve already received in my short stint into motherhood has been to focus on the moment – when you’re thinking about 15 different things at once you it’s hard to figure out why your baby is crying or you end up missing those sweet gummy smiles that can make a day full of spit up, poop and tears (from both of you) totally worth it. These can seem like such minor things but the lesson has been so overwhelmingly important and transformative for me.

When I first started this blog it was set out to be a more career-driven space, but I found that the posts I enjoyed writing the most – and the ones you loved reading – were focused on learning from one another and celebrating the moments, ideas and actions in both the big and small ways. So I want to hold space for that. I want us all to embrace a new definition of #hustle – one that’s a little slower, may dive a little deeper and is more focused on our happiness, however that may look and feel for you. As someone who has spent most of her life running into new challenges at full speed ahead, learning to embrace the slow hasn’t always been easy but it’s something I hope to keep sharing with all of you.  

So what can you expect?

A whole lot of sharing (remember how much I love it?) about the lessons I’m learning and the things that keep me whole. This means the introduction of a new category – #motherhustle – and a new series called Sh*t I wish I knew (more on that to come!). Because life isn’t one dimensional I’ll continue to share #travelhustle posts, moments of gratitude (#gratitudehustle) and even some career learnings (#careerhustle) here and there. This space is growing and breathing along with me, so at the moment it may lean a little heavily on the motherhood stuff, but it’s meant to reflect the pieces of life whole. In a time when our attentions and connections are more instant and fragmented than ever, I want us to come back together to embrace the big moments and celebrate the little things. I want this to feel like a place where you can come to learn, reflect and just feel like you’re sitting around the kitchen table chatting about all of the crazy adventures we’re on while embracing our #hustleforhappiness.

So put on your sweatpants, pour yourself a drink (Chardonnay? Kombucha? Ginger ale? No judgements here!) and let’s talk.

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