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Gratitude #hustle: the first edition

Do you ever have those weeks when no matter how hard you try to stay upbeat and positive, negativity has a way of seeping into every nook and cranny of your life? It is soooo easy to spiral when it feels like every time you’re coming up for air life crashes another wave right on top of you.

I recently had a series of those weeks.

From little things not working out they way they’re supposed to encountering multiple piles of vomit (seriously) on my walk to work (one day I stepped in one 😳 thank goodness it was so cold it was frozen) and watching a very dramatic attempt at stealing and ensuing fight.

Sometimes the waters of life are not smooth sailing.I’m not sure if it was the lack of sunshine, the world events, or just the universe aligning in some not so fun ways (it happens), but I can’t lie, it had been getting to me.

The day after the crazy dramatic stealing incident, I came across this article.  When I first read about the idea of creating a gratitude list I thought, “cool idea bro” and moved right along. But I kept coming back to it. Especially during cold, bleak days when it felt like the city was displaying it’s worst. Instead of spiralling, I’ve been trying to think about what I’m grateful for.

Because, let’s be real, this stuff is SO minor. I am incredibly fortunate to live in a city full of opportunity set against the backdrop of a beautiful and diverse country. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the other stuff (especially when reading the news lately), but it’s important to embrace the little things and moments. So I’m getting my gratitude #hustle on. Each week I’ll be sharing things I’m thankful for – from little moments that stood out to articles I found inspiring.

Here’s what made the list this week:


I have been so moved by the response to this blog. Your thoughtful comments and well wishes truly mean so much to me. Thank you for the support and for visiting this little corner of the internet. I’m so excited to share more with you next week!


There are a number of art installations on the east end beaches of Toronto right now and this has to be my favourite. As we were approaching this I thought, is this a statement on recycling or something? But when we arrived we were greeted by a little entry with a mailbox – inside it contained paper and pencils, so you can write a note and leave a message in a bottle. Unfortunately they were all out of paper, however it gave us a chance to stand back and watch the glass glittering in the sun, while imaging what words were filling up these tucked away notes. I hope to make it back to leave my own little message in a bottle (yes, I was singing the song in my mind as I wrote those words).

27-year-old Becomes First Woman to Visit Every Country in the World

I had serious travel envy after reading this post. As someone who LOVES traveling but is also relatively new to it all, I was giddy with excitement imaging the sights and sounds Cassie experienced on her 18-month journey around the world. Warning: be prepared to have multiple tabs open in your web browser as you dream up your next adventure.

When I first started this post it was cold, grey and bleak. Yesterday, it was 17 degrees and I was yearning to soak up every bit of a Vitamin D my SPF-free skin could handle (#notprepared). It started with a much needed walk outside to clear my head and refocus for the afternoon and ended with my first run in months, with my husband by my side as the sky shifted from shades of cotton candy pink to purple and blue. There is something so soothing about running along the beach, watching families and friends out for a stroll, with just the vague sound of chatter and waves crashing setting the tempo. Luckily we made it home before the sun disappeared for the evening.

Can you tell I was excited for the sunshine? Bit of a theme here, eh? But these are some of my favourite places – the neighbourhood, the beach and British Columbia.

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