Gratitude hustle

Gratitude #hustle vol. 10

Current mood: It’s the freakin’ weekend

Raise your hand if you’re soaking up allll of those long weekend vibes 🙋🏼 I feel ya. In the spirit of all things chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool Paul and I kicked things off by spending last night catching up on some tv and watching movie trailers. Side bar: does anybody else do this? We could seriously spend hours watching trailers. Ridiculous and wonderful – who’s excited for the Justice League movie? 😂

We are calling for an across the board chillaxin’ this weekend (taking my advice from yesterday’s post), with a little bit of work and some exercise sprinkled in there for good measure. I’m feeling really grateful for this weekend – following a couple of hectic weeks I’m looking forward to brunch, coffee shop hangs (I’m writing this from our fave coffee spot in the city), exercise 💪🏻 (hit a new PR today!) and finally seeing one of (or both!) Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 + Fate of the Furious 🚗

This week I’ve encountered some wonderful stories and moments that I’m feeling grateful for – here’s what made the list:

The best thing I’ve read all week

Lately when a world leader is being featured in the news it’s been focused on one guy, and usually makes you go 😳 This week however, I came across something amazing. HRH Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands revealed this week he’s secretly been a commercial airline pilot with KLM… for 21 years! Even King’s have side #hustles…

The most hilarious thing I’ve read all week

Alright, since I alluded to him, the most hilarious thing I’ve read all week is from that other world leader… apparently Trump (not surprisingly) has a very different perspective on exercise than his predecessor. Last week he shared his reason for not hitting up the gym, and of course it will make you go 😳 with a side of 😂 – check out his rationale here.

Unexpected moments

Missing the bus meant 📸 of these beauties 👌🏻

After the gym one night this week, with a threatening storm cloud brewing overhead, I ran for the bus and juuuust missed it as it caught the tail end of a green light. Naturally there was a long wait for the next  one so I clutched my umbrella and hoped the bus would be running ahead of schedule. Instead, I ran into a new friend and we enjoyed a leisurely walk, while the rain somehow stayed at bay. I even managed to get home just before the evening rain soaked everything in sight.



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