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Gratitude #hustle vol. 11: we’re back!

As I mentioned earlier this week, the last few weeks have been hectic in all aspects of my life. But they have also delivered up some truly beautiful moments. I received some great feedback on Wednesday’s post and want you to know that I really appreciate your continued support! You guys are. the. beeesssssst. Thank you 🙌🏻

This got a little derailed (lolz at June amiright?) but it did have it’s moments. From patio visits to videos that bring the feels, here’s what I’ve been grateful for lately:

Kickin’ it old school…

Some of the best moments of the last couple of weeks have been catching up with a few of my favourite people. Last week ago two of my girlfriends and I did something we hadn’t done in years – we hopped on the phone (not texting, an actual phone call… phone to ear, speak into the mouth piece… you know, what it was originally invented for), set up a three-way call and talked for an hour. It felt so wonderfully nostolgic and when we got together that weekend it felt like we had just picked up the phone, hit un-mute and carried on right where we left off. Basically the total opposite of a Mean Girls call.


… and in person visits

Being so digitally connected is great for staying in touch with friends. While texting, Snapchatting and Facebook message updates are awesome, nothing can truly replace face time (IRL – not Facetime😂 unless you’re on the other side of the world, then Facetime wins). I recently had lunch with an old friend that resulted in us laughing so loudly I’m pretty sure everyone in the cafeteria was wondering what was so hilarious (answer: everything).

At the end of a long week a friend extend an invite to a group of people for summertime hang the next day. The get together started late, was on the other side of the city, I had a bunch of errands that needed my attention and an early morning the next day. So I almost didn’t go. But I mustered all of my Friday fun energy (anybody else strug-gle with Friday night plans? So tired) and headed over for a pre-hang, hangs (the best). Not surprisngly, we had a total blast. We realized that even though we’d visited over the weeks it was always quick updates at various events. So we sat down with sushi, champagne and Miss Vickie’s (the classiest of combos) and talked about everything.

A little bit of inspiration

So I have a little secret: I love American Ninja Warrior. Seriously. I think it’s incredible to watch people challenge themselves and overcome these impressive feats of fitness. Just when I think I’ve soaked up all of the inspiration ANW can serve up, this guy comes on and completely blows me away. His perseverance is captivating to watch and serves up an important reminder: it’s important to look beyond perceived challenges and see the ability. Next time you’re struggling to find motivation – whether it be to try something new, get to the gym, or push through a challenge – watch this video.

Getting outside 

With the sun finally peaking out and the mercury rising, I’ve been embracing any chance that comes along to get outside (literally stopping to smell the flowers on the reg).

The summer is such a sweet (and entirely too short) time in the city. On one of those perfect, sunny, cloudless afternoons that were free of meetings for both Paul and I, we decided to meet up for an impromptu lunch. We grabbed poke bowls and headed to a picnic table at City Hall, which served up unreal views of downtown. It was such a wonderful way to enjoy lunch that it almost makes the sunburn worth it… 🙄 #freckledkidproblems

But I’ve been in full-on get outside mode these last few weeks. From (admittedly chilly) evening drinks on a patio to strolls along the boardwalk, it’s been a wonderful lead up to Summer 2017.


Beautiful evening walk along the boardwalk. At one point the water and sky blended together so perfectly, it was impossible to tell where one ended and the other began.

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