Gratitude hustle

Gratitude #hustle: vol. 13

Confession time: this whole week kind of felt off – to be honest, I haven’t really gotten into a groove with 2018 yet so perhaps I can attribute that to January ending this week. I mean, one morning this week I got our green bin stuck in a pile of snow (is winter over yet? 🙄), put my foot on this bar it has on the back to try and get some leverage and instead put my foot through the bar, getting my boot stuck… I thought I had freed it but actually my foot came out of my boot, leaving me standing on my front lawn with a purse on one arm, my other hand holding onto my lunch and the green bin for dear life while I flailed my socked foot in the air, trying not to step in a pile of snow as I free my boot…

Yeah. This week was a struggle.

Coupled with not sleeping well, some serious (daily) transit delays (my 30 minute commute took me an hour and 10 minutes the other day) and a myriad of other things, I realized that I needed to focus on my gratitude #hustle more than ever this week and I’m excited to bring this little series back!

These things have helped me get through this off-kilter week:

Cooking… sort of

So traditionally I don’t like to cook and to be fair, cooking doesn’t like me either (except breakfast food – I’ve got that on lockdown💪🏻). True story, my home economics teacher once told me that she hoped I was going better in tech because I was a disaster in home ec (I was). However, I’ve been trying to cook more, starting with one new recipe a week annnnnd it often doesn’t always go well. Last week I really connected with the fact that I need a recipe and a clear set of instructions when I made some seriously lacklustre chicken (what the f*ck does “season to taste” even mean? How many TSBs is that?!). This week, I wasn’t going to make that mistake. I found a healthy recipe with clear instructions and somehow managed to create a masterpiece 😍 After a minor freakout about filling our house up with gas because I couldn’t get the stove to light (and waiting 45 minutes so I wouldn’t blow up the kitchen 😂) I actually got into a bit of a meditative groove. The calm I felt, coupled with a delicious dish has me excited to keep on trying this thing out!

Thai ground chicken, rice and bok choy ❤️


A few years ago I devoured Serial and haven’t listened to a single podcast since. I’ve recently been getting back into them and they have even made my transit struggles a little more bearable. I’ve been listening to the Daily and 30 in 30 but the true star of the show, which I have recommended to just about every single woman I know, is Forever35. You guys. This podcast is EVERYTHING. 😍😍😍 I seriously have found myself standing on a packed subway, sour faces everywhere, elbows in my back and not only do I barely notice, I’m often laughing like a complete lunatic. The other day I had on a hat and scarf so you really couldn’t see my headphones and I realized people were avoiding me as I laughed to myself – it actually resulted in a little more room around me… #lifehack. It feels like you’re listening to two of your girlfriends talk about everything from serums to working out, juicing to self care… it’s the best.

Daily dose of morning music

For something that seriously let me down multiple times this week, the subway is getting a lot of attention on here… every morning there is a guy who plays the steel drums in my TTC station and his enthusiasm is infectious. He’s so damn delightful I can’t help but smile when I walk on by. He greets passerby’s with a good morning and is actually really good at the steel drums. It’s a nice moment of humanity before packing yourself like a sardine onto a train.

On the topic of music, I cannot stop listening to 6lack. This. Album. Ugh. It’s so good. You know what, stop reading this, go listen and then tell me in the comments below what you’re grateful for.

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