Gratitude hustle

Gratitude #hustle vol. 3

This week I learned that answering a question with, “no, I haven’t been sick AT ALL this winter” means you’re definitely going to get sick. And I did – I spent the first half of this week lying on the couch wondering, how the heck did we entertain ourselves when we were sick as kids without Netflix? I also averaged about 10 hours of sleep a night this week (making it pretty hard to blog – I know I’ve been inconsistent in my postings this week, I promise next week will be better!)

Along with Rip Van Winke’ing and Netflix 🙏🏻 here’s what else I’m grateful for this week:

The dream team

The dream team (of course the first thing on this is is related to my cold – it’s taken over my life!)

Despite my best efforts, I’m not a tea drinker (full on #teamcoffee), but the Organic 911 tea from David’s Tea is my sick day secret weapon. It’s delicious, soothing and even if it’s just psychosomatic, it works (no, this isn’t a sponsored post, I just love it that much)! Especially when paired with Buckley’s and some Tylenol Cold on the side… (just waiting for this honk cough to go away now… ugh).

Also, a shout out to my amazing husband who took care of me even though it was his birthday – what a guy!

Here’s What Happened When I Gave Up Complaining For A Month

I thought this was SUCH an interesting challenge. I love that the author documented her daily complaints and reflected on them afterwards. What do you think – does this challenge sound like something you could do? For a whole month? I just tried to imagine NOT complaining and then taking the TTC… hmmmmm that would be a struggle. For. Sure.

The alchemy of the perfect pop song

As someone with ZERO songwriting abilities, I found this fascinating. What’s even more interesting is reading about the differences in intricacies between Max Martin’s own hits (from Britney to Ariana). A really great read!

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