Gratitude hustle

Gratitude #hustle vol. 5

I had some fantastic opportunities this week to try new things, meet some awesome new people and reminisce with some of my favourites. I’m excited to carry this energy into the weekend as I work on some projects for the blog, finish my first CrossFit Open (read about that here), and celebrate friends. On top of these wonderful weekend plans, here’s what I’m grateful for this week:

The view from the road on Paul and I’s first road trip together (Sea to Sky Highway, BC)


This week I’ve had so much fun working on some design projects in Canva, and putting together content for this little corner of the Internet. Monday’s post about travel took me to some of my favourite places in the world and I’ve been reliving those adventures during quiet moments and trip planning throughout the week.

This weekend I’ll be working on the next Career #Hustle spotlight and I am so excited for you to meet this amazing entrepreneur – I know her insights will inspire you!

Zach Anner & The Question for the Rainbow Bagel

This video touched my heart in so many wonderful ways. It’s a comical and engaging way of approaching a serious issue – accessibility in our cities (in this case, the Big Apple). Now before you get to thinking, well of course New York City would have this issue, NYC is one of the most accessible cities in the US and it’s still poses a number of accessibility challenges for those trying to navigate it’s streets and transit system (an issue we’re also facing here in Canada).

Watch the video and have Zach Anner warm your heart… especially when he makes it to Brooklyn and says “Brooklyn has not accepted me and I wore my best outfit” ❤️

My girl squad

I’ve been feeling especially grateful for my amazing girl squad this week. From group chats and coffees to comments on here, I’ve been in awe of the thoughtfulness, support and commitment to #hustling that these women display every day.

Meaghan Markle’s story of action

I looooved this speech from Meaghan Markle. It’s such a wonderful story that shows the true power of taking action – no matter how big or small it is, or how young or old you are.

Feeling grateful for something that happened this week? Looking forward to the weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

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