Gratitude hustle

Gratitude #hustle vol. 8

A beautiful view last night after the rain

I had one of those days earlier this week where it felt like everything was off – my commute, my colleagues, and simple work things that I usually breeze right through with ease (thanks, I’m sure to some IT updates). I thought to myself, “well at least tomorrow is Thursday and I have x, y and z to look forward to at the end of the week.” Then I realized, it was only Tuesday morning 🙄 (and I’ve been one day ahead ALL week – I went to watch the Raps game last night and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t on hahaha).

But then the winds changed – after having my lunch and post-work plans cancelled that day I found myself with extra time to get ahead on my to-do list, visit with some colleagues I’d been meaning to catch up with, and wander after work without an agenda (resulting in finding the perfect pair of black pants and jeans, in my size, on sale!). This week has since been surprisingly smooth. Even last night, Paul and I popped into the grocery store quickly and when we left it was POURING. We ran to the car in five seconds and were SOAKED. Normally being drenched while wearing suede shoes would be annoying, but I found myself laughing at the torrential downpour and the confluence of events that led us there. Even though the universe was really doing the heavy lifting, it was such a great reminder notice the positive things in the week.

Before I get into what else I’m feeling grateful for this week I just want to say thank you for continuing to follow along here. I’ve had a few other things vying for my attention since getting back (the laundry and email struggle was real), but I’m excited to spend some time this weekend focused on this site and getting back to my usual blogging schedule!

Alright, here’s what else I’m feeling grateful for this week:

A brilliant political ad… from a beer company?

When you think of a beer ad I’ll bet the images that pop into mind consist of bros, scantily clad women and loud parties (and maybe the rockies if you’re Canadian). But political? Certainly wasn’t a word I expected to use when describing a beer commercial.

Yet Heineken not only made a political ad, they did it brilliantly. This social experiment turned message was the perfect way to address the tensions and differences that have dominated social discourse recently, while reminding us that at the end of the day we have more in common than we may realize, especially when we come together over a beer 🍻

Random events and the perspective of others

Quick backstory – my maiden name is Hanson (yes, like mmbop). Okay you’re caught up.

Earlier this week I was walking out of my favourite coffee shop heading into the office when I heard someone say, “Belinda Hanson”. I looked around and didn’t see anyone who appeared to be looking for me, or anybody that I knew for that matter – strange. Then much closer to me I heard “Yes, Melinda Hansen – H-a-n-s-e-n.” Belinda Hanson. Melinda Hansen 😳

I was telling my coworker this, and how the night before I’d been watching an old episode of The Good Wife when a character is asked what he was doing on July 28th of that year… which is my birthday… strange coincidences right?

She had the most beautiful perspective. She told me loves when things like that  happens because she feels like the universe is telling you that you are in exactly the right place, doing exactly what you should be doing. Since this conversation I’ve run into old coworkers and encountered a few other strange coincidences but now  instead of brushing them off, her words have been ringing in my ears – I’m exactly where I should be, doing exactly what I should be doing.

 The Royal Family Talks About Mental Health

This week I learned that Wills, Kate and Harry have come together to raise awareness about mental health through their initiative “Heads Together”. While I may be a little late to this discovery (can I blame the time difference? haha) it was the video I’ve linked to that caught my attention, coupled with a line about Prince Harry sharing publicly that he recently sought counselling to deal with his mother’s death. I was struck by his candour and frankly, impressed – not because he’s a royal (though speaking so openly about mental health, coming from a family that’s so private), but because it feels so human, so relatable. Normalizing these conversations is incredibly important as we continue to raise awareness about mental health and I love when they note that because people are paying attention to them now, they feel it’s their responsibility to raise this issue and keep the conversation going 👏🏻

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