Gratitude hustle, Hustle for happiness

Gratitude #hustle vol. 9

These signs of Spring around Toronto are reminding me of all the Cherry Blossoms 📸 from Japan.

Trying something new with a Saturday post – I hope you’re reading this with a coffee in hand, ready to take it easy.

In the words of the man who writes the songs, “looks like we made it!” No? You guys, I’m talking about Barry Manilow. Seriously… love him… blame years of dance. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a dance routine in every style done to Copacabana.

Anyyyyyyways…. looking back on this week one word really comes to mind: laughter. Not for any particular reason either, but I spent so much time laughing with the people in my life – at work, at home, in hilarious messages with my friends. It’s been really lovely and I’m bringing those happy vibes into the weekend. I have minimal but wonderful plans, which I’m feeling. Here’s what else I’m grateful for this week:

Little reminders of Japan

Sometimes it really is the simplest things that have the biggest impact. I’ve been using these little anchor book marks I picked up in Japan and they instantly make me smile whenever I see them. They are so quaint and take me back to that sunny, jet-lagged day walking around Ginza and absorbing every inch of Itoya (check it out here).

Soaking in the signs of Spring

One of the things I love this time of year is watching the world come back to life. While I often occasionally wish Toronto could adopt more of a Sunny California climate, watching the city shift and change with the seasons is really wonderful. I’ve been captivated by the increasingly green textures appearing on my street and have stopped to admire this little tree’s blossoming buds outside of my office every morning on my walk in.

I also got a serious kick of inspiration this week from fellow Canadian blogger. Alexandra of To Vogue or Bust (check it out for serious west-coast eye candy), talks about going for photography walks – not shooting for a specific post or purpose, but just to keep flexing that creative muscle. I absolutely adore this idea. The recent storms have brought some dramatic changes to the beach, so I’m hoping the rain stays away this Sunday so I can grab my camera and capture one of my favourite parts of this city.

The mother’s out there

Mother’s Days brings a mixture of emotions for me. Having lost my own mother nearly three years ago, there is a sweet sadness in this day.

Not to sound like a total cliche buuut this lady was totally the Lorelei to my Rory.

Our last Mother’s Day together was an incredibly beautiful one. The sun was shining so we spent it on the deck of her hospice, with my grandparents, step-dad, brother and husband gathered around to celebrate her. We Skype’d with my sister, who was celebrating her first Mother’s Day, with my then three-month old niece. It is a memory that is very dear to my heart.

While I’ve learned lessons on how to handle this day (most hilarious lesson – don’t watch Furious 7 for the first time on your first Mother’s Day without her because you will sob at that CGI ending… but seriously that ending ❤️), I’ve also learned to appreciate the beauty that lies in this day, both in remembering my own mother and celebrating the amazing mothers in my life. It has been wonderful to watch my sister and friends enter motherhood. I am constantly in awe of the patience, strength, humour and fierce love of these women and the other wonderful mothers in my life (my grandmother, mother-in-law, aunts, cousins…). So you to wonderful ladies, Happy Mother’s Day.

Barack Obama: street style star

Well, that got serious for a moment. Going to leave this on a lighter note here with this amazin post about the newest street style star – Barack Obama. Let’s be real, Michelle Obama is a sartorial rock star and it looks like her influence, combined with not having the weight of the world on his shoulders, is really shining through Barack’s closet lately👏🏻

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