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…Is this thing still on?

Hello? Oh haaaaiiii 👋🏻 just going to dust this off and we’re ready to go!

Jokes aside, it’s nice to be back after a brief (albeit, unintended) hiatus. I had a feeling a quick break may come around the convergence of a few major work projects, but I had plans to make up for that. Such plans… Then life forced my hand a little bit (pun intended – keep reading for the punchline).

With some vacation days stored up and my husband heading to Barcelona for a work trip, I decided to tag along with visions of blogging from an uber chic cafe before heading for a dip in the ocean, while he was working 💃🏼 #vacaygoals I was adamant about taking a day or two to relax, unwind and focus my energies here.

Then the morning of our flight, I cut my hand while washing dishes, which resulted in some dramatics and a last minute doctor’s appointment (that giant sigh of relief you heard a few weeks ago? That was me when I heard they were going to use glue instead of stitches 🙌🏻). Naturally this made typing a challenging and extremely slow venture for me. Combined with not being able to get my hand wet for 72 hours, my visions of hours melting away in a coffee shop before bringing out my adorable new bathing suit to splash around in the perfect saltwater were quickly quashed (naturally this happened when we were staying in a hotel on the beach…🙄).

But… I wouldn’t change a thing about the week (hand incident and the end of trip food poisoning aside). Unlike our Japan trip, I didn’t have our days documented with lists of things to see, eat and do broken down by neighbourhood. Instead, I spent my time walking around, absorbing the incredible beauty, culture and architecture of Barcelona, before we headed down to Valencia to do the same. I had a few key sites in mind, but very little plans or expectations beyond that and it was perfect.

While Japan was amazing, it felt like a trip – Barcelona and Valencia on the other hand felt like a vaaaaaacation – low key and stress free. In fact, it felt like the vacation I thought I could only get by forcing myself to relax pool-side or on the beach. In any case, the week was exactly what the doctor ordered (well maybe not exactly – bathing wearing a medical glove was what the doctor had ordered🙄).

Now my hand has (mostly) healed and I’m ready to get back into the swing of things! In fact, the hand incident brought an important truth forward for me to reflect and work on – stay tuned to find out what that is.

Ahhhh it’s good to be back!


Ouch, lookin’ a little rough – the hand rips from CrossFit earlier in the week didn’t help either… Still managed to eat ev-er-y tapas under the sun though! ☀️ 

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    […] Oh man spending the last two and half weeks using my non-dominant hand has me feelin’ oh so grateful that my cut has healed and I can do simple things with ease again (think typing, opening my water bottle and even using cutlery). Being able to sit here and type up this post without pain or worrying about opening my cut is 👌🏻 Wondering what the heck I’m talking about? Check out this post. […]

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