Meet Belinda (aka Bee)

Hi! I’m Belinda, but you can call me Bee.

I am a storyteller and enthusiastic sharer of information (seriously, my most common phrase is “did you hear/see/read this?” followed by an excited retelling of said thing). This has led me to a career in communications where I’ve done everything from speech writing, communications planning and social media to issues management, media relations and events management.

Constantly in the pursuit of knowledge, I took a seven week coding class to learn how to build my own website (more on that journey here), which sparked an idea. Sitting in a dimly lit restaurant with a group of women celebrating their newfound digital skills I noticed that these incredible women, all at different stages of their careers, were thirsty for information beyond a simple google search. They wanted to hear from experience what people did, how they got there, what other people’s goals are, what is up with networking and does anybody really know what “business casual” means?

So I have set out to create a little corner of the internet where you can learn about different careers, how people built them, how to create your network and general tips and tricks to get your #hustle on. I want this to be a place of inspiration but also balance so I’ll be mixing in stories on different ways to unwind from time to time –  it’s amazing the clarity a good vacation or sweat sessh can bring into your life.

Of course I want to hear from you – if you have an great story to share or a topic you want to read about please leave a comment below!

A few quick things about me:

  • I love to laugh – full bellied, thigh slapping, face all screwed up laughter. Nobody can quite make me laugh like my husband (awww)
  • I have run three four half marathons, completing two. I fainted 500m from the finish line of my last one (keeping me from a PR 🙁 ) but I’m debating another this year 😬 But I did another one this year and it was amazing!
  • I LOVE dogs
  • I am hard of hearing (so if you holler at me and I don’t turn around, don’t take it personally, I didn’t hear you)
  • I’m a little obsessed with crossfit