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Quick reflections on 2017

Looking back on the 365 days that made up 2017 it’s pretty clear that it was a monumental one for Paul and I, full of challenges and changes, but it was an equally great year. We had made some lofty plans and went full steam ahead, from travel and professional goals to fitness and finances, while embracing last minute opportunities and recalibrating our goals along the way.

We kicked off the year in Seattle (ringing in the new year in another country is one of my favourite ways to celebrate), which kick-started another great year of travel, spanning three continents. In 2017 we covered some of the pacific northwest including Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver and Whistler. As you know we finally checked off our dream vacation and spent two weeks exploring Japan under the pink canopy of cherry blossoms (check out more about Japan herehere, here and here). We also found ourselves in Spain, exploring the historic and artistic streets of Barcelona and Valencia, before visiting the delicious streets of Chicago (so. much. good. food).

2017 was also my most fitness-focused year yet. I participated in my first ever CrossFit Openfinally did 10 strict push-ups in a row, stepped back onto the half marathon course after four long years away and on the last day of the year I hit my most anticipated (and secretive) fitness goal of the year with a 205-pound deadlift (finally crossing that 200-pound threshold). But 2017 was about more than numbers – last year helped me to feel the strongest and most focused I’ve ever felt in my life, which has resulted some pretty awesome spillover effects (like turning into a morning person).

While Paul and I were incredibly lucky to do so much travel and see some gym gains, where 2017 really stood out was our personal accomplishments. After a long 18-months of early mornings, late nights and weekends full of classes or readings, Paul graduated from his Executive MBA program (with distinction!). We also sold our first house and are settling into our new place. I turned 30 and managed to not freak out (I feel like that counts as an accomplishment). And, amongst all of that change, I also started a new job… to say it was a busy Fall may be an understatement 😱

But the standout of 2017? Finally putting aside the fear and bringing this blog online! This little nook has been an awesome, sometimes scary and occasionally challenging creative outlet and I’m so grateful that you’ve all been following along. I know posting has been a little sporadic [see life changes above 😂] but, as I continue to settle into these wonderful new changes, I’m going to work on smoothing that out and hopefully turn some ideas into real-life, tangible projects!

So thank you for sticking with me and stay tuned! I’ve got some posts queued up to help you use January as a kick-off for an epic 2018 – you have totally got this.

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