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How we prepared for birth

After we found out I was pregnant there were a lot of beautiful, wonderful moments of celebration, reflection and trying to enjoy our last days just the two of us. And then there were several moments when it all hit us – ‚Äúholy sh*t, I have to push a baby out of me!‚ÄĚ It‚Äôs a less than glamourous realization that doesn‚Äôt tend to make it into the curated feed of all those #pregnancygoals posts on Instagram and it‚Äôs one that hit both Paul and I at very different points in our journey.

These moments – no matter how different they may look for everyone – are incredibly important. For us, they lead to some important #realtalk, great learning and amazing discoveries that really helped us to prepare for the events of the day. Let’s get real for a second – there’s nothing you can do to truly prepare you for what the moments leading to the arrival of this new little human will be like. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go into the experience with as many tools as possible so you can walk away feeling empowered.

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Hustle for happiness

Allow me to [re]introduce myself

It occurred to me as I was re-imaging this space that when I started this blog I never really took the time to introduce myself.

So hello! I’m Belinda, but you can call me Bee (most people do). I’m breaking this down into three things you should know about me and some fun facts – so keep reading to find out what I’m passionate about, inspired by and the things that I crave.

3 things you should know about me

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Hustle for happiness

You do you

Because sometimes we need to quick little break and unplug. I Recommend hangs with your people a visit to your happy place – you just never know when and where inspiration might strike.

Oh haiiii. How are you? It¬†seems like we’ve only been meeting sporadically – probably because we have.

Raise your hand if May went by in a blur of deadlines, hustling and trying to take care of all the things¬†ūüôčūüŹľ¬†I hear you. Last week¬†I was feeling particularly overwhelmed by my to-do list. Then I quickly realized I’m not the only one.¬†It seems like this time of year is always a little hectic. Perhaps it’s because everyone is hustling in all things to get ready for summertime when “the livings easy.” Whatever the reason, over the past few weeks this little space began feeling more¬†like an obligation than something I look forward to building.

You know what? That’s okay.

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Career hustle

Career #hustle: clothing edition

As an influx of interns and new employees flood the halls at work, I’ve been reflecting on when I started my¬†own foray into the full-time, salaried, real-world life¬†of working¬†and #adulting. It’s been a long time (ahem) a few years since I¬†first panicked about what to wear to an interview and how to look for an apartment in Toronto and thankfully I’ve learned a few things a lot¬†since then, thanks to a combination of experience, mentors and wise friends. So in honour of graduation/intern/new job season I’ll be bringing¬†sharing some of those lessons over the next few weeks.¬†Now, since I have an arsenal of brilliant friends and readers, if there’s¬†something you want to share on one of these topics throw it in the¬†comments below!

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Hustle for happiness

The Ripple Effect

How many times have you opened¬†your computer only to find five different tabs open with article headlines like,¬†“Five Simple Ways to Get What You Want” or “Do These Two Moves and Eat These Three Things to Look Like [insert celebrity here]”?

It’s okay, this is a safe space. It happens. Plus I’m fairly certain I’ve never not¬†opened an article that says “Here’s What Happened When I did X or cut out Y for 30 days” (I mean, I must¬†know what happened!).¬†I think what I love about those 30 day articles is seeing the impact that one simple action can make.

During a recent conversation with my fabulous¬†professional development girl squad¬†I begun to¬†reflect on how easy it is to get stuck in an unending list of things you “need” to do and “want” to do, while never making the time to actually do them. Take a class. Get a new job. Go to the gym. Call your family more. The list goes on and on and on. Over time inertia takes hold and it becomes easier to not do anything than to try and tackle the things you desperately want to do, when you also have never ending list of things you need to do.

This is exactly where I was last summer.

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Career hustle

Career #hustle: Meet Kat

This is the first in a series that I’ll be featuring on here, spotlighting (mostly) young professionals so you can find out just what jobs are out there, how they got them and¬†lessons they have learned thus far into their professional journey.

Meet Kat, a chic, thoughtful girl boss working in media. She’s already kicking 2017’s butt and starting to plan a very exciting side hustle!

I’m so excited that my first post also features my bff: Kat. We’ve been friends for 16 years (ūüė≥¬†how?!) and she is seriously one of the¬†coolest people I know. She’s that girl who can rock a onesie and fur hat in public and look chic AF doing it. Kat is also thoughtful, creative, giving and works in a role I know so little about – media planning. So let’s dive right in.

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