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January 2018

Hustle for happiness

Goal Digger

Photo by Jordan Whitfield

I know I promised this post last Wednesday, but after an unfortunate incident with spotty internet and losing half of this post twice, I decided to take a beat and step away. Sometimes we have to save ourselves from ourselves!

Have you spent the better part of this month sitting in front of a blank page waiting for inspiration to fill you up with all the ways you’re going to make 2018 the year you finally [travel more] [lose weight] [do yoga] [meditate] [eat clean]? Already feeling overwhelmed because it seems like you’re scrolling through an endless feed of people who appear to be #killingit already? Goal setting can feel stressful. I totally get it. Especially when you’re surrounded by so many people who are showing a perfectly curated list of their goals while rockin’ yoga pants and green juice, while you’re sitting in dirty sweat pants next to a pizza (aka how I spent January 1st, 2018).

When you’re struggling to think through your goals at this time of year I recommend doing two things.

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Hustle for happiness

Resolutions vs goals

Happy New Year friends!!!

After a hectic December I took some real time off, involving one too many hours of Netflix, multiple face masks, manicures and daily sweat sessions – a pretty perfect way to finish out 2017 and get a head start on 2018. Like many of you, I also used this time to reflect on the year that that was, while thinking about what I’d like to get out of the next 52 weeks making up 2018. There’s something pretty wonderful about a fresh calendar isn’t there?

But I also want to confess something… are you ready?

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutionsÂ đŸ˜±

Horrified? Shocked? Well hear me out…

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Hustle for happiness

Quick reflections on 2017

Looking back on the 365 days that made up 2017 it’s pretty clear that it was a monumental one for Paul and I, full of challenges and changes, but it was an equally great year. We had made some lofty plans and went full steam ahead, from travel and professional goals to fitness and finances, while embracing last minute opportunities and recalibrating our goals along the way.

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