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February 2018

Gratitude hustle

Gratitude #hustle: vol. 13

Confession time: this whole week kind of felt off – to be honest, I haven’t really gotten into a groove with 2018 yet so perhaps I can attribute that to January ending this week. I mean, one morning this week I got our green bin stuck in a pile of snow (is winter over yet? 🙄), put my foot on this bar it has on the back to try and get some leverage and instead put my foot through the bar, getting my boot stuck… I thought I had freed it but actually my foot came out of my boot, leaving me standing on my front lawn with a purse on one arm, my other hand holding onto my lunch and the green bin for dear life while I flailed my socked foot in the air, trying not to step in a pile of snow as I free my boot…

Yeah. This week was a struggle.

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