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August 2019

Career hustle

Say yes to career risks (okay, occasionally)

I take my career path pretty seriously. I like to assess where I am, where I want to go and think critically about the skills I need to get there. I once had a boss tell me that what stood out in an interview with him was the way I spoke about my career. While the next steps have changed and evolved over the years, it generally gives me an idea of what I’m immediately working towards.

However, my career has actually been defined by two moments when I took a risk.

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Hustle for happiness, Mother hustle

Sh*t I Wish I Knew: The low down on breast and bottle feeding

I think we’ve established that even if it goes well, or starts off easy, breastfeeding is hard. freaking. work.

I read something in the depths of a 3am feed that resonated with me hard. Breastfeeding is a new skill you’re learning and simultaneously teaching to someone who has never done it before. So why the heck are we expecting perfection out of this? And why don’t we spend more time talking about all things feeding?! I was lucky to have a supportive and informative support system to lean on and I still found myself with a thousand questions. As a result, I have done a TON of googling research over the past few months and have found some really helpful information along the way. I’m hoping this will save you from having to do your own 2am googling or last minute panic search!

So here’s the first post in our new Sh*t I wish I knew series – the lowdown on breastfeeding. Be warned – there is a lot of information in this post! My hope is that you’ll bookmark this and come back to it whenever you have a question or run into something new!

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