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February 2020

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Travel Hustle: Bébé Edition

So Paul and I really, really love to travel (are you rolling your eyes and saying, “thanks Captain obvious”?). It’s a defining characteristic for us individually and as a couple. It’s also something we talked a lot about around having children – even when we weren’t 100% sure if we’d end up having kids (well when I wasn’t sure – but more on that another day), whenever we were abroad we’d still talk about how amazing it would be to bring our future children to these places one day – showing them customs and corners of the world that we couldn’t even imagine growing up. Heck our pregnancy announcement photo featured backpacks and announced that we were welcoming a new travel buddy (yes I know, we are annoying but cute).

A pipe dream for us began to form a few years ago when friends of ours took their baby overseas for a month. For all that we had talked about wanting to show our future, hypothetical children the world it had never occurred to us that this was something you could do with a baby!🤯 Safe to say the blew our minds when we heard about their plans and just like that it was decided – if/when we had a kid, we’d take a month abroad.

And then we actually had a baby.

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