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A quick hello!

Just stopping here to say a quick hello and be that mom that’s wondering just where the time has gone? (Seriously though, do kids have a time warp button on them that makes months go by in the blink of an eye?!)

I feel like one minute I was soaking up the sun with daily pool sessions in Florida and now I’m bundling up and wondering how many hours a day I can play Christmas music without making Eli go insane.

The last few months hit us like a ton of bricks!

As I mentioned here, Eli got sick for the first time at the end of July and it took a bit of time for him to fully recover. Then after Florida he got hit with an ear infection that would. not. quit. We had to do two rounds of antibiotics and the second round seriously messed up his poor little system. It ended up being a six week ordeal of doctors appointments, vomiting, crying and trying to get that poor kid to eat something. It sucked.

It also left me exhausted. I wanted to just collapse and zone out during nap times and evenings, so that’s what I did. Then as things got better I had kind of fallen out of the blogging habit. I also had some website issues that I struggled to work through (finally fixed though!). And then I started a whole spiral and it got the better of me. I got too… well, everything, about it. Too nervous that too much time had passed. Too worried that nobody would read it again. Too anxious that most of the thoughts I’ve been writing out these days are revolving around a little human. But you know what was underlying all of that? I was too concerned about what everyone could possibly be thinking in a hypothetical world but I wasn’t concerning myself with the thing wanted to be doing – which was writing!

So I reminded myself that this is place for me to have fun, be creative and share (of course) and it’s also okay to breaks 🙂 It’s all about balance.

So this is just a quick post to say hi 👋🏻 we’re still here! Can’t wait to share some fun things with you soon!

Did the last few months sneak up on you too?! What have you been up to? Let me know in the comments below!

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