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Travel Hustle: Bébé Edition

So Paul and I really, really love to travel (are you rolling your eyes and saying, “thanks Captain obvious”?). It’s a defining characteristic for us individually and as a couple. It’s also something we talked a lot about around having children – even when we weren’t 100% sure if we’d end up having kids (well when I wasn’t sure – but more on that another day), whenever we were abroad we’d still talk about how amazing it would be to bring our future children to these places one day – showing them customs and corners of the world that we couldn’t even imagine growing up. Heck our pregnancy announcement photo featured backpacks and announced that we were welcoming a new travel buddy (yes I know, we are annoying but cute).

A pipe dream for us began to form a few years ago when friends of ours took their baby overseas for a month. For all that we had talked about wanting to show our future, hypothetical children the world it had never occurred to us that this was something you could do with a baby!🤯 Safe to say the blew our minds when we heard about their plans and just like that it was decided – if/when we had a kid, we’d take a month abroad.

And then we actually had a baby.

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Hustle for happiness

A quick hello!

Just stopping here to say a quick hello and be that mom that’s wondering just where the time has gone? (Seriously though, do kids have a time warp button on them that makes months go by in the blink of an eye?!)

I feel like one minute I was soaking up the sun with daily pool sessions in Florida and now I’m bundling up and wondering how many hours a day I can play Christmas music without making Eli go insane.

The last few months hit us like a ton of bricks!

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Career hustle

Say yes to career risks (okay, occasionally)

I take my career path pretty seriously. I like to assess where I am, where I want to go and think critically about the skills I need to get there. I once had a boss tell me that what stood out in an interview with him was the way I spoke about my career. While the next steps have changed and evolved over the years, it generally gives me an idea of what I’m immediately working towards.

However, my career has actually been defined by two moments when I took a risk.

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Hustle for happiness, Mother hustle

Sh*t I Wish I Knew: The low down on breast and bottle feeding

I think we’ve established that even if it goes well, or starts off easy, breastfeeding is hard. freaking. work.

I read something in the depths of a 3am feed that resonated with me hard. Breastfeeding is a new skill you’re learning and simultaneously teaching to someone who has never done it before. So why the heck are we expecting perfection out of this? And why don’t we spend more time talking about all things feeding?! I was lucky to have a supportive and informative support system to lean on and I still found myself with a thousand questions. As a result, I have done a TON of googling research over the past few months and have found some really helpful information along the way. I’m hoping this will save you from having to do your own 2am googling or last minute panic search!

So here’s the first post in our new Sh*t I wish I knew series – the lowdown on breastfeeding. Be warned – there is a lot of information in this post! My hope is that you’ll bookmark this and come back to it whenever you have a question or run into something new!

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Hustle for happiness

New Series: Sh*t I Wish I knew

This whole foray into parenthood has resulted in a LOT of googling learning over the past several months and as I watch many friends getting ready to start their own families I’ve found myself thinking about all the sh*t I wish I knew. Sure, you learn a lot of the basics during pregnancy, which are really helpful – but I’m talking those 3am searches to find out how the heck to put your dismantled breast pump back together (oops should have paid better attention in the hospital!) or what the “purple period” is and will it ever end?!

This inspired me to bring a new series to the blog – talking about all the sh*t I wish I knew!

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Hustle for happiness, Mother hustle

How we prepared for birth

After we found out I was pregnant there were a lot of beautiful, wonderful moments of celebration, reflection and trying to enjoy our last days just the two of us. And then there were several moments when it all hit us – “holy sh*t, I have to push a baby out of me!” It’s a less than glamourous realization that doesn’t tend to make it into the curated feed of all those #pregnancygoals posts on Instagram and it’s one that hit both Paul and I at very different points in our journey.

These moments – no matter how different they may look for everyone – are incredibly important. For us, they lead to some important #realtalk, great learning and amazing discoveries that really helped us to prepare for the events of the day. Let’s get real for a second – there’s nothing you can do to truly prepare you for what the moments leading to the arrival of this new little human will be like. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go into the experience with as many tools as possible so you can walk away feeling empowered.

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