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#Hustle Challenge: LinkedIn

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There are SO many ways to brand ourselves online, but when it comes to putting our best professional self forward LinkedIn really has become the winner 🏆.

It’s such a simple and effective tool for connecting with people, finding interesting jobs and showing off your amazing skills. But you know that feeling of dread you get when you need to update your resume? And yet after you’ve updated it you feel like a professional rock star, ready to take on all of your career goals?

Yeah, that’s how I often feel about updating my LinkedIn profile. When I remember to add a new skill I’m like, heck ya, you go girl, show off those professional gains! But I know my page is in need of some serious updating, including my profile photo… which is from 2014😬 . I know that isn’t *that* long ago, but you don’t want to hear “you don’t look like your profile photo” in any situation. Job interview. Date. Coffee with someone who has a super cool job you could totally picture yourself doing. It’s just awkward.

So this year I’ve issued myself a challenge – get my LinkedIn #hustle on! Typically we leave things on our to-do list for ages because they seem hard. However, those are almost always the most satisfying things to cross off (list lover right here🙋🏼). So I’m tackling my LinkedIn to-do list over the course of 2017. I’m going to give myself a fiscal quarter to accomplish at least one thing on this list (realistic goal-setting). With the 17/18 fiscal year right around the corner, now feels like the perfect time to create this list so I can start Q1 prepared with my #goals:

I’ve had about five different haircuts since this bad boy was taken… time for an update!

Update profile photo

And not with an Instagram photo either – with a current, well lit, headshot. This was so much easier when I worked with photographers on a daily basis , but it’s an important priority. My current photo just doesn’t feel like me anymore – I want a more natural background that better reflects my brand.

Write my summary

If someone clicks on my profile they should get a sense of who I am, what I’m about and what I can do without even scrolling through my work experience. The summary is a great opportunity for you to let your voice shine through.

Fill out my work experience

I know a lot of people tend to just copy and paste their resumes here. You have to do what works for you and your industry. I’m going to approach these as “highlights” – a quick overview of what I did that will pique your interest and complement my resume.

Update my skills, education, and publications sections (check!)

Took a course? Add it to your LinkedIn profile and show off those new skills 💪🏻

Okay, I’m totally that person who creates a themed to-do list and will add something that’s been done to keep track of the progress (and get the satisfaction of checking it off the list!). I had two big things that I recently added to my profile. One was a journal article I helped write that was recently published (whoa, listed author!).

The scary one was adding the Ladies Learning Code course I took to my education section, along with the digital skills I learned (except JavaScript – that still boggles my mind). The best professionals are continually working to improve their skills and adding courses you’ve taken is a great way to demonstrate that you’re open to learning new things, and even if you’re not using a particular skill in your current role, it’s in your roster to break out in another job.

How do you use LinkedIn? Are you working on your LinkedIn #hustle this year? Is there something else you need to tackle (like your resume or cover letter)? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Reply Kristina March 13, 2017 at 10:18 am

    I’ll take this challenge, but for me is launching my Facebook page (linkedin isn’t great for opera). Loving your blog!

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