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Because sometimes we need to quick little break and unplug. I Recommend hangs with your people a visit to your happy place – you just never know when and where inspiration might strike.

Oh haiiii. How are you? It seems like we’ve only been meeting sporadically – probably because we have.

Raise your hand if May went by in a blur of deadlines, hustling and trying to take care of all the things 🙋🏼 I hear you. Last week I was feeling particularly overwhelmed by my to-do list. Then I quickly realized I’m not the only one. It seems like this time of year is always a little hectic. Perhaps it’s because everyone is hustling in all things to get ready for summertime when “the livings easy.” Whatever the reason, over the past few weeks this little space began feeling more like an obligation than something I look forward to building.

You know what? That’s okay. I decided to let myself off the hook a little. The post I’d planned for last Wednesday was just not where I wanted it to be. I had a major work project that needed my attention and gave me an opportunity to test some new skills (I even had the chance to do some [minor] coding🙌🏻). So I left it unpublished, and focused my attention where it was needed. Then I spent the weekend focused on reconnecting with some important relationships in my life. It resulted in such a fulfilling week, even though my blog post remained unpublished.

Now you may be thinking, “this isn’t exactly groundbreaking, Belinda”. You’re totally right. However, in my experience giving ourselves both the room, and permission, to let things go (even temporarily) is soooo much easier said than done. Sometimes our energy is limited. Sometimes we can’t do it all; it can be hard to admit that we’re human. I think this problem is even more pronounced in the age of social media – it can feel like eveeeerrrrryyyyyone but you has it together.

Can I tell you a secret? They don’t. No, no, really. They don’t. I know you know this intellectually (because you’re hella smart), but I’m telling you this for those days when you’re scrolling through Instagram in awe of how everyone else is doing it all, while Netflix is asking if you’re still there (rude, thanks for the judgment Netflix🙄). When your fear or anxiety kicks in and overrides your logic come back, read this, put down the Insta feed and do you.

Letting myself off the hook allowed me to focus on other important priorities, stay in the moment and ultimately delivered some inspiration that I’m excited to share here. I sat down on Sunday afternoon and polished off four posts (including that one that *just* wasn’t quite right). It’s amazing what can happen when we treat ourselves with a little bit of kindness isn’t it?

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