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Allow me to [re]introduce myself

It occurred to me as I was re-imaging this space that when I started this blog I never really took the time to introduce myself.

So hello! I’m Belinda, but you can call me Bee (most people do). I’m breaking this down into three things you should know about me and some fun facts – so keep reading to find out what I’m passionate about, inspired by and the things that I crave.

3 things you should know about me

I am passionate about…

Travel, which is kind of amazing when you consider that I went on my first international flight (and got my first passport) just eight years ago. Since then I have been incredibly lucky to explore destinations I had always dreamed about and visit places I had never even thought about. If you ask me where my next trip is, unless it’s actually scheduled, I’ll likely rattle off a number of destinations I’ve half-planned a trip to (current contenders: Portugal, Morocco, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Israel, Jordan and Germany).

I love getting lost in the stories of each new country, city or town I visit. Every trip I’ve taken has both subtly and profoundly changed who I am and I’m eternally grateful for these experiences. Travel has gone from something I didn’t think I could afford to do, to something I can’t afford not to. And the shifts in my priorities to accomplish this have always paid off.

I am inspired by…

The incredible women I am surrounded by. These ladies are continually crushing it. From starting their own businesses or embracing their side hustles, to their commitments to bettering themselves and the beautiful children they are raising, I’ve somehow found myself amongst a pretty amazing group of ladies. They inspire me to do more, be more and try more and I’m so grateful for that. I frequently walk away from an afternoon girl hang completely rejuvenated and in awe as to how I got so damn lucky to know such amazing women. As I take on an entirely new role (#motherhustle) I am even more grateful for the lessons, love and support I have received from these women.

I crave…

Creating. I spent so much of my life focused on creative pursuits – I was in a craft club in elementary school (shout out to White Rose) and had an entire crafting box as a kid (though my craft skills really peaked at age seven). I lost hours to sketching my surroundings as a teenager and have spent the better part of my life focused on writing in all forms.

From short stories to poems (oh, so many angsty poems🙄), I was obsessed with writing. But slowly over time that dwindled. I think that’s why I keep coming back to this place. Writing has always been my favourite outlet. It’s how I best express myself. It allows me to process the world and connect with it – and myself – on a deeper level. It centres me in the truest way, whether I’m writing about something serious or something fun. When I take too much time away from it I actively miss it and start to crave creating in my favourite way.

I also crave french fries. All the time. It’s a problem. But not really…

Quick fun facts

  • I was obsessed with Dolphins as a kid – Flipper was my favourite tv show and resulted in me painting my room blue and realizing my underwater vision with a dolphin bedspread, that my poor mum also turned into curtains. My life goal was to be a marine biologist and study the interactions between dolphins and sharks… until I realized that I was actually afraid of the ocean (check out how I conquered that fear here!)
  • As cheesy and cliche as it is, I truly believe a little salt water can help with most problems – whether it’s the sea, sweat, or tears
  • I have never broken a bone but I did dislocate my elbow doing a backhand spring in university
  • My husband and I like to joke that we are truly the perfect balance – I’m hard of hearing and he’s louder than anyone we know (someone once said to me, “man Paul is loud” and in honest surprise I said, “really, he is?!”)
  • I have yet to meet a striped shirt that I don’t love (hmmm I wonder if this is a subconscious nautical nod to my dolphin obsessed days?)
  • I LOVE mustard and pickles but I hadn’t tried either until of them until I was in my mid-20s!
  • I welcomed my first child, a beautiful little boy, in January 2019 (pst – you can follow along that journey under #motherhustle)

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