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Month in review: August 2019


Does anybody else feel like they need a minute to process August? Because dayum that month was crazy. Mostly in the best way possible… mostly.

Travelin’ on

We kicked off August with a big milestone for Eli – his first international trip! And this kid showed us what a seasoned traveler he already is by being calm and happy in the loooongest customs line ever (we applied for Nexus as soon as we landed at our destination🤦🏼‍♀️), snoozing on the plane (for a nap on the way there and night sleep on the way back) and just generally charming everyone he locked eyes with.

We headed down to Naples, Florida and met up with friends and their kids for a week of sunshine, salty air and humidity pool hangs (and humidity – whoa). It was an absolutely perfect week. We were able to trade off watching each other kids, Paul and I got out on our own one night to watch the sunset on the beach and of course, mom hangs in Target💃🏼 But we all mostly just hung around the house, jumping in and out of the pool, lazily lounging and reading during nap times, going for walks (and group workouts!), watching the CrossFit games (okay that was just Paul and I), embracing cocktail hour and having the best time just hanging out and laughing with our friends.

Speaking of the pool, this trip is also where Eli went for his first swim! He was a little skeptical at first, in true Eli fashion, but very quickly became a full-on water baby. It was amazing to watch him explore and splash and has since made bath time an even more fun event!

Testing out the otteroo 😂 this was actually Elis favourite way to chill in the pool!

Build up and knock ’em down…

And by that I mean, while we were gone we had some renos done to our home. Mostly very unsexy work – new windows, doors,  roof, insulation, re-doing the underhang of our porch roof, basement stuff… buuuut we’re also getting new closets! Everything in the house is done except the closets, which I am SO excited about. Our old closet situation was not great – we each have a “closet” in our room but it was a rod that went back pretty far but was very inaccessible because of the door. So we’ve cut out that part of the wall and doing a completely new set-up! I have been wanting to tackle the closet since we moved here and can. not. wait. to see the finished product come together.

This was our first go at a home renovation and we have so many feels about it. Mainly we’re SO happy that we went for it! But it did take quite a bit of work to get the house ready before we left and when we got home at midnight after our flight, our house was in quite the state; we had to quickly blackout Eli’s new windows, set up his stuff and then figure out where we were going to sleep – all of our clothes from our closet were on our bed and the curtains were not up in our bedroom, but everything else from our bedroom was in the guest room… so we spent a night on the pull-out couch in our basement and are now considering buying a new mattress for our poor guests. Whoa that was a tough 3 hours of sleep.

What we didn’t realize (stupidly) was that our house would be covered in a thin layer of dust… so we spent a lot of time cleaning when we got back. The majority of the work was done but there have been a few things that have needed to be done since, some of which was expected and some was due to a few weather related delays (🤷🏼‍♀️ these things happen). It also took us about a week and a half to get back into our bedroom, but the contents of our closets are currently all over the guest room! We’re almost there and every time I see our amazing new windows and doors I’m so glad we did this – I can’t even imagine how I’ll feel once I have a functional closet!

New windows!!!

Seven months of Eli!

Eli is officially closer to toddlerhood than newborn days and it’s really showing. This past month has been so much fun! He’s sitting like a champ, makes the most hilarious faces, has two teeth and is on the move! He’s pushing himself backward, rolling ev-er-y-where and wants to crawl soooo badly – he’s trying to move forward, planking everywhere (holy core!) and bringing his little knees under him.

Naturally Paul and I are panicked about needing to baby proof and will be spending the long weekend putting up baby gates 😬

Eli’s faaaaaavourite face to make. I couldn’t figure out where he picked it up until one day I looked at him and made this exact face 🤦🏼‍♀️


Workin’ on my (health and) fitness

After we worked out every day in Florida, we came back excited to keep the fit times rolling! I have been working out on and off since six weeks postpartum, but haven’t been very consistent outside of attending a Mommy and Me CrossFit class 2x a week (the BEST!). Eli started to nap straight through those and I was left a little lost. But Paul and I have both re-prioritized getting each other out the door and it has been amazing. It’s so great to back at the gym more regularly – this place is more than somewhere I sweat. Over the years it has become my community and I love walking through those doors every. single. time. even if I sooooo don’t want to do the workout in that moment. The first few months of working out everything felt so weird and hard but every mom told me it would start to click again eventually and they were right. It’s been great to get back to it – especially lifting (thanks to carrying around a 20+ pound baby all the time I’ve been surprising myself on my lifts). Now I just have find a way to make burpees feel as fun as deadlifts… (yeah. right).

We are also trying something new on the nutrition front… guys, I could not get my food game back together after Eli was born. At first I was too exhausted, then I was too busy trying to do everything. I fell into a routine where I would run out of the house and skip lunch way to often or scarf down a protein bar, and then be ravenous (duh!) and make all the wrong food choices (quick, too much, too carb-y). It was not great. It’s been so nice to dial it in and start being more conscious of when I’m eating and what. I kept talking about how important it was for me to model good food choices for Eli but realized I was not doing that in any way. It’s been nice to show up for myself a little more this month.

Not helping Eli!

So between all of that and Eli becoming WAY more mobile, I didn’t get as much blog work done in August as I wanted to – but I’m feeling that motivation that comes with those back-to-school, #PSL and sweater vibes and I’m here for it! So stay tuned next month for some throwback #travelhustle and baby sleep realness.

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