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New Series: Sh*t I Wish I knew

This whole foray into parenthood has resulted in a LOT of googling learning over the past several months and as I watch many friends getting ready to start their own families I’ve found myself thinking about all the sh*t I wish I knew. Sure, you learn a lot of the basics during pregnancy, which are really helpful – but I’m talking those 3am searches to find out how the heck to put your dismantled breast pump back together (oops should have paid better attention in the hospital!) or what the “purple period” is and will it ever end?!

This inspired me to bring a new series to the blog – talking about all the sh*t I wish I knew!

Now this series won’t be just about parenthood – I’ll be sharing sh*t I wish I knew about all of our favourite topics – #travelhustle, #careerhustle, #gratitudehustle and just the #lifehustle in general!

That said, I will be starting this series out with a biggie – breastfeeding. Whoa nelly. So much sh*t I wish I knew. So stay tuned for that and other topics coming to this corner of the internet soon!

Any big lessons you’ve learned recently? Anything you want to hear about in this series? Let me know in the comments below!

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